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DiFree participation in ICERI 2023

DiFree participated in the16th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, held in Seville, in Spain on 13th-15th November 2023, with a poster and a paper on the DiFree Repository and students’ preparation for a freelance-based economy.

Transnational Project Meetings

  • TPM 1 (KOM) Viterbo, Italy (University of Tuscia)
  • TPM 2 Athens, Greece (Panteio Panepistimio Koinikon Kaipolitukon Epistimon)
  • TPM 3 Milan, Italy (Research and Study Center CRS Laghi)
  • TPM 4 Cadiz, Spain (Universidad de Càdiz)
  • TPM 5 Porto, Portugal (Polytechnic Institute)
  • TPM 6 Viterbo, Italy (University of Tuscia)

6 Multiplier Events

Learning, Teaching and Training Activities (LTTAs)